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Review by Tamara Kops

It has happened to me several times: when I get back to the station, I cycle away. Fortunately, I don't live far from the station and I can also walk home, but it's still a shame and a shame of course. Last year for my birthday I received a new bicycle with a child seat. Of course, I don't want to lose this bike at all because I often go out by bike at the weekend, with Marciano in the lead! Fortunately, this bicycle now has a bicycle alarm. At least now I don't have to worry about whether my bike is still there when I put it down somewhere. This is also great for a racing bike, for example, so that you can also put it down when you sit on the terrace along the way (yes, that's allowed again!).

Especially now that people may be less likely to use public transport and more likely to use their bicycle, it is nice to know that your bicycle is safe. The bicycle alarm from Loxure has a sound intensity of 100 decibels. Although I think that bicycle thieves will leave your bicycle behind if they see that it has an alarm, this will at least make enough noise if someone does touch it. Naturally, this alarm is resistant to rain and has 7 sensitivity settings.

The bicycle alarm is easy to mount on the bicycle and runs on batteries (which last at least 3 months). There is also a small remote control included that ensures that you can easily and quickly turn the alarm on and off. The remote control simply fits on your key ring. There is also a handy flyer that tells you exactly how to install the alarm. The best part: the bicycle alarm from Loxure is now available for only €29.99. A lot cheaper than a new bike! Is there anything you can do to secure your bicycle?


Tamara Kops

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