Fiets op een brug op de Amsterdamse grachten

7 tips to ensure that your bicycle is never stolen again

The cyclists' association concludes thatthe number of bicycle thefts has decreased slightly in recent years, and in absolute numbers is between the low estimate of 468,000 and the higher of 772,000 . Did you think that so many bicycles are stolen? The Loxure bicycle alarm was developed in Amsterdam (the city with the most thefts), with the mission to put an end to the extremely high rates of bicycle theft. But there are also other tips to ensure that your bicycle is never stolen again. In this blog we give you our 7 best tips.

1. Provide at least two locks.

2. Always secure your bike to something solid. Otherwise, thieves can just lift it up and put it in a van.

3. Spend more on the lock than on the bike. If the bike is just for you and you don't need to transport the family, buy a nice second-hand bike and an expensive lock.

4. Customize your bike so that it is easily recognizable and less marketable. For example, with a different color or with stickers from your favorite series :)

5. Have your bicycle engraved. This is also sometimes possible for cargo bikes.

6. Buy a GPS Bike Tracker.

7. Try out a bicycle alarm:

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